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Unique Programs for leaders and their teams

  • Combine PQ (Positive Intelligence)* with CQ (Cultural Intelligence) * and other methods in a Systemic Approach​

  • Are solution focused, interactive, tailored for sustainable results​

  • Are unconventional – no more "bells & whistles"*​

  • Lay the foundation for personal and organisational growth

Water Ripple

WE DO NOT PROMISE MAGIC but a foundation building short-cut
to wellbeing, healthy relationships and peak performance.

We work below the surface to guide sustainable change.

Engineering Plans


Unique Combination

  • Insights (learning) & Coaching 

  • Technology (App/learning platform)​

  • Programs fit easily into your busy schedules

  • Learning is embedded in daily activities

  • No "days-out-of-the-office" scenarios

Water Ripple

Leadership is a combination of muscles, built up through years of experience and hard work. To become a game-changing leader, it takes serious effort, focus and a commitment to build the right muscles, and to use those muscles for impact.  

Marshall Goldsmith

No more Bells & Whistles

...means no additional layers. PQ’s (Positive Intelligence) architecture results in radical simplification due to factor analysis. So, as with any physical fitness one needs to build and maintain (only) 3 core mental muscles to thrive in challenging times and lead yourself and your teams through ambiguity.


3 Step Approach

Diagnostics. Bootcamp. Anchoring.

Individual / Leaders


Rewire yourself for success:

Together / Teams


Rewire your team for success:

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