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How are your relationships?

The quality of social relationships is one of the most consistent predictors of subjective well-being.

Are you experiencing serious tensions or conflicts in key relationships at work or at home? Do you wish you could revitalise those relationships? Want an end to the exhausting repetitive pattern of conflict in your life?

Chronic relationship conflict and stress is a serious issue. It has been linked to poorer mental and physical health and can affect other areas of life.

Learning what causes those conflicts is the first and important step in building a healthy, fulfilling relationship, which in return benefit our overall wellbeing and those around us.

"Of course, relationships go through ups and downs, good times and bad times. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself in an exhausting, knock-down, drag-out fight with your colleague, partner, spouse, or child, chances are very high that you're selfsabotaging - your Judge is busy judging the other, and vice versa. And yes, that is especially true in cases where you are 100% sure you are right and the whole thing is the other person's fault.

I rarely coach a team that is not constantly sabotaged by judgments team members make about one another. In some teams this is done in a blatantly open and confrontational way. In others, it is done in a more subversive and indirect way. In either case, unless the team members explicitly learn greater mastery over their own Judges, the collection of Judges in the room can cause significant and ongoing friction that costs a great deal in lower trust, wasted energy, heightened stress, and reduced productivity." (Shirzad Chamine) What is the price you would put on the damage that judging another person is causing for you, within your personal relationships or at work?

Curious what simple strategy you could use? Get in touch... and experience the profound impact on your relationships.

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