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PQ   MasterMind 


Unleash Your Mind & Inner Powers
And Be The Catalyst For Positive Change 

We invite you to join our 
Leadership MasterMind 

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Do you often feel overwhelmed or isolated? Are you anxious of showing that you do not have all the answers? Do you struggle to manage yourself, people and situations the way you wish to?

When we are under stressno learning occurs, and we cannot access our inner wisdom or use our inner powers, which makes our leadership tasks even more challenging.


You are stronger than you think. Show your brain who is in charge.


Imagine... What the right MasterMind could do for your personal & business growth

  • What does it take to live from a place of worthiness?*

  • How do we embrace imperfection?

  • How do we cultivate what we need?

  • How do we let go of things that are holding us back?


*inspired xby Brene Brown

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We focus on Mental Fitness Mastery Strengthen your inner powers for your wellbeing & success Mind | Body | Soul & Culture

PQ | Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive mindset, without ignoring the negative - for your wellbeing, healthy relationships, and peak performance.  


In our sessions...

  • We dig deep

  • We connect

  • We challenge

  • We encourage

  • We practice empathy

  • We give you the tools to thrive

Are you ready to challenge the status-quo? 

Impact & Your Benefits 

  • Well-being

  • More clarity

  • Better self-awareness

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Resilience

  • Healthier relationships

  • Better performance

  • More joy & happiness


With us by your side, you'll feel encouraged to venture places where you wouldn't have gone before. 

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The unexamined life is not worth living
Know Yourself To Lead Yourself 


A lack of intentional growth, reflection, and self-improvement leads to an “accidental life.” One in which we settle for lesser versions of our best selves because we fail to put in the time and focus to mold our character  and our life into the best it can be.

Similarly, one could say that the
“unexamined leader is not worth following”.  In other words, leaders who fail to regularly and intentionally take time to better understand themselves and others are not the leaders who will bring out the best in themselves or their teams.*1 

After all, if we don’t know our values and own strengths, what drives us, and our tendencies under pressure when interacting with others, how can we expect to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage our relational and leadership efforts? 

In our Mastermind we give you the tools to "dig deep" so you get to know and understand yourself better, therefore be the leader you want to be.

*1 inspired by GiANT

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MasterMind with a PQ+ Distinction

A MasterMind is one of the most powerful ways for leaders to accelerate success. Positive Intelligence | Mental Fitness takes our MasterMind to a whole new level. With our science-based Bootcamp you lay the foundation for lifelong wellbeing & happiness. A group of 5 - 7 leaders, we meet regularly to learn, share, challenges and give, receive feedback. The likelihood of reaching your goals increases to 500% when you’re supported by accountability partners.

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Based on PQ (Positive Intelligence | Mental Fitness*) we target the root causes of our daily challenges related to wellbeing, relationships, and performance. You learn how to stop self-sabotaging, change your attitude towards stress and how it affects you, and learn to capitalise on your natural strengths and talents. We use a new format: learning, coaching, technology, and homework. Fun. Simple. Effective. 






Train 3 core mental muscles, which are at the root of Mental Fitness 

Daily coaching challenges

using an interactive PQ Gym to minimise stress

10 x and more

  • peace of mind 

  • healthy relationships

  • peak performance

  • happiness 

In our sessions we explore how and encourage each other to use our inner powers to master daily challenges. We inspire the best in each other and ignite hidden talents.

We’ll establish a mutual agreement – confidentiality & trust – so that members can discuss sensitive issues (new ventures, employees issues, customer challenges, and a plethora of topics not usually discussed). We navigate the quandaries through our collective intelligence.


3 Step Approach for our 6 months journey





After your assessment

and our interview we set goals and expectations. 




Mental Fitness Bootcamp 

During this 7-weeks intense program the focus is on the root causes of challenges, using an App and online learning platform. Weekly video session and group coaching as well as daily practice (15min+) to establish the basic foundation (habits and routine) to maintain mental fitness for life. 





Strengthen areas identified, use the momentum to further sustain newly learned thinking and practices

and strengthen the

inner powers to master life's challenges. 

You are the average of the five people
you spend the most time with...
Jim Rohn

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Logistics... A group of 5–7 leaders will meet online




6 months 




Weekly during the PQBootcamp, then every 2 weeks. All together 17 sessions.


Meeting Time 

1 hour. Your attendance commitment is important.

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More Benefits 

Eradicate Self-Imposed Limits

Get challenged, stretch beyond your comfort zone and overcome limiting beliefs. With amazing peers, you’ll do amazing things. Be inspired! ​


Identify what’s in your blindspot. Candid feedback is a gift and can open up new possibilities.

Think Tank & Leadership Support 

Imagine having a sounding board of powerful peers committed to having you reach your outcomes, overcome any challenges, and solving problems normally reserved for you to solve.


Are you managing your circumstances? Or are you truly designing your life? Accountability, in the context of master-minds, is about holding you high and accountable to your commitments. Reporting results regularly, ensures progress.

Participants can expect to experience immediate and sustained improvements in their performance and happiness after the PQ Bootcamp.



"I was quite amazed by the power of PQ.

Discovering my personal Saboteurs and how to limit their impact on my daily life has definitively helped me to keep distance with bad habits leading to stress. I very much appreciated Barbara's and Susanne's guidance as our team coaches. We shared our experience and supported each other when facing difficulties and shared good practices. I recommend this program for professionals feeling overexposed to stress and willing to find tools to explore new positive outcomes."

Marie-Laure B., Founder Strasens, France

Above the Clouds

The Value What is included?

  • Facilitation and personal support of the change-process with an holistic and tailored approach 

  • Weekly self-paced video learning sessions
    (1hour) to gain knowledge during Bootcamp

  • Group coaching sessions
    (1hour) guidance for specific learning  

  • Sounding board email and phone conversations when required

  • Monitoring progress so as to be able to adjust and guide continuously 

  • Assessments & debrief

​​Positive Intelligence Saboteur test shows one’s most common ways of self-sabotage & Positive Intelligence Score gives an indication of current happiness (wellbeing) 

  • Mobile App | online learning platform & online community for reflection and learning 

  • Positive Intelligence book (PDF / audio version) to get familiar with the program content 

  • Tailored learning material (if applicable e.g. self-discovery, goals, values and strengths) 

  • Access to the program App for 1 year after the bootcamp is finished

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The Investment 

By committing to this program you will unleash your mind & inner powers and lay the groundwork for sustainable change, better performance, healthier relationships and peace of mind. 

6 months journey

  • all inclusive as above per person

  • 1 individual & 16 group coaching sessions 

  • additional individual coaching on request 

  • mobile App & learning platform for 1 year

Your Price: € 2.300*


  • Our next cohort starts in November 2023

  • Only 7 places available

  • *Discounts are available for 'not-for-profits' and private individuals 

  • Pay upfront and receive 10% off 

  • Plus "Refer-a-Friend" and both of you earn 20% off

Apply below. You're 180 days away from a more content, motivated and happier YOU.

After application we schedule a virtual call to discuss the program together and decide if it’s the right program for you. We wil be in touch within 48 hours.

Our Coaching languages: English, German & French

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Join us on this powerful journey.

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you.
African proverb

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